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The Meteoritical Society is a non-profit scholarly organization founded in 1933 to promote the study of extraterrestrial materials, including meteorites and space mission returned samples, and their history.

The membership of the society boasts 950 scientists and amateur enthusiasts from over 33 countries who are interested in a wide range of planetary science. Members' interests include meteorites, cosmic dust, asteroids and comets, natural satellites, planets, impacts, and the origins of the Solar System.

The Meteoritical Society is the organization that records all known meteorites in its Meteoritical Bulletin[1]. The Society also publishes a journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science[2] and organizes annual meetings and workshops[3].

Most of the information presented here comes from the official website of the Meteoritical Society[4].


The administration of the Meteoritical Society

Officers for 2009-2010

  • President: Hiroko Nagahara - University of Tokyo - Tokyo (Japan)
  • Vice President: Edward R. D. Scott - University of Hawai`i - Honolulu (United States)
  • Past President: Joseph I. Goldstein - University of Massachusetts - Amherst (United States)
  • Secretary: Jeffrey N. Grossman - United States Geological Survey - Reston (United States)
  • Treasurer: Alan Rubin - University of California, Los Angeles - Los Angeles (United States)

They are assisted by Councilors:

  • Gretchen Benedix - The Natural History Museum - London (United Kingdom)
  • Harold Connolly - City University of New-York - New-York City (United States)
  • Alex Deutsch - University of Muenster - Muenster (Germany)
  • Rhian Jones - University of New Mexico - Albuquerque (United States)
  • Keiji Misawa - National Institute for Polar Research - Tokyo (Japan)
  • Gopalan Srinivasan - University of Toronto - Toronto (Canada)
  • Mark Thiemens - UCSD - La Jolla (United States of America)
  • Rainer Wieler - ETH Zürich, Isotope Geology and Mineral Resources - Zurich (Switzerland)

Former officers

There have been 30 presidents to the Meteoritical Society, the first of them being Frederick C. Leonard[5],[6].

Annual meetings of the Meteoritical Society

The first annual meeting of the Meteoritical Society was held in 1933, in Chicago (United States). Since then, it has been organized almost every year (apart in 1940, and from 1942 to 1945)[7].


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