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Works in progress

At this time, the following wikis (of WICRI network contain) information in English:

Main axis of metadata:


The WICRI network

Wikipedia proves that wikis can help building and disseminating a common knowledge at a very large scale. Yet it is not a sufficient answer to research needs, but that gave some orientations in building up WICRI. Wikipedia's validity is questioned by many academic institutions, making it necessary for WICRI to deal with the question of transparency of contributions and validity assessment. Wikipedia's practices (and especially the fact that Wikipedia's contributors must display information attested by external references) are not compliant with publishing policies of research activities: this is why some scientific committees will be set up in order to control or moderate WICRI.

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This wiki is in the first stage of its building process. To enter the network in French.

The wiki Wicri/Wicri

This wiki is mostly designed for testing and demo purposes. Contents are not yet significant.

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